Your Virtual Finance Department for the Construction Industry.​
Work with a virtual finance team that cares for you, whilst you focus on your business.
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Is your accounting taking too much time?
We can help you automate that.
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Need Xero experts that know the construction industry inside out?
We can be that team and take care of Xero for you.
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Virtual finance department for energetic business owners in the construction industry

  • Are you a construction or trades business owner with sales between £500k-£10 million a year?
  • Do you want your business to grow or be more profitable?
  • Do you want to have access to full finance team?

It’s simple, really. Our virtual finance department can help grow your business. But, it can also stop you from feeling like you are:

  • Making sales without anything to show for it
  • Leaking cash, unable to get into a better position
  • Running projects with no idea if they are under or over budget
  • Only able to afford one employee but you need access to a full finance team
We help you sleep better at night knowing where your business is at and what direction it is going.


What we offer

Your construction business needs more than just a finance person. It needs a team that can understand your industry, your business and your numbers.
What’s in it for you?  A bespoke and experienced finance department that works with you to help your business grow.

Virtual finance department

We become your finance team. We take care of all your accounting, so you don’t have to. It’s no wonder it’s our most popular service. With years of combined experience to advise and report on your finances, don’t limit yourself to one person.


Virtual finance director

Every decision you make in business has a financial impact. We’ll help you assess the impact and ensure your finances keep up with your vision. We will keep you looking forward so there are no surprises and help you look at the what ifs. 


Setting up Xero

With lots of experience in a range of construction industry apps, we help you convert to Xero from any other accounting package, Microsoft excel or even paper!



We offer bespoke Xero training on your own business records, at a level you will understand.
Whether you are completely new to Xero, or an experienced user, we tailor the training session to your needs.


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