financial insight for energetic business owners

Without in-depth financial insights, it’s impossible to make smart decisions about your business. You’re simply dancing in the dark and can’t act on the latest information.

Our Virtual Finance Department powered with the latest cloud tech shines a light on your finances, provides actionable insights and supports you to manage and grow your business.

Are you still using excel or clunky desktop packages to manage your finances? As system specialists we can help you automate manual processes, save time and understand your numbers.


Why You Need a Xero Consultant

Most small businesses don’t understand their numbers or are working with outdated information. Not having accurate insights, leaves you guessing in the dark and unable to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

We believe businesses of all sizes should understand their finances and have access to the latest, most accurate insights. Migrating to Xero, a market-leading cloud accounting software makes this possible.

As UK-based Xero consultants, we’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and teach you how to oversee your accounts using Xero and integrated apps. Better business insights and financial reporting uncover problems before they happen, so you can avoid issues.

Xero Accounting Services

Whether you’re looking for Xero accounting support, assistance with Xero conversions or to upskill with Xero training, we’ll help you get on the right track.

virtual FINANCE

We take care of Xero bookkeeping and managed accounts and deliver weekly reports with intelligent insights and actionable advice. Think of us as your own Finance Department.

finance systems

We’ll migrate your current financial recordkeeping services and systems to Xero and advise on the best Xero apps for your business.



Our bespoke Xero training courses are completely customised to support your team and business’ needs.

Supporting You to Develop Efficient Working Practices

We pride ourselves on our fresh, innovative approach. We’ll work with you to create efficient working practices and make sure you have the right management information to reach your full potential.

As your virtual finance department, we’ll support you in setting-up your financial reporting systems and transitioning to Xero.

Once we’ve set-up Xero, we’ll make sure you fully understand how to use it and provide ongoing support to help you settle in. By the time we leave, you’ll have a future-proof business and efficient ways of working that guarantee your continued success.

How To Move From Sage to Xero

Discover the process of how to move from Sage to Xero accounting software

What is Cash Flow and Why is it Important?

Read our guide on why cash flow is important and how you can use Xero to create a cashflow forecast.

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to feel empowered and leave financial unknowns behind? Schedule a FREE consultation to learn how we can help get you started and take control of your accounts.

What our clients say about us


Quite simply, Laura is fantastic at what she does. We needed a payment and an accounting solution that would be automated, to improve our cash flow. We wanted to also make easier cash flow decisions and needed to be able to see our accounts in real time. Laura spent around 5 days in total back in 2018 with us and the results have been fantastic. Our payment system is now automated and we can make better financial decisions at the click of a button. Highly Recommend Laura and the team at Empowered by Cloud.



Laura and her team implemented and provided training on Xero and Workflow Max for our organisation and I have to say it has transformed our business. Laura listened to our requirements, ensured she understood our business and provided recommendations on reports that have been invaluable. Laura’s manner and work ethic have been second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her and her team to anyone who wants real time information and answers on their business finances. First class job and knows her product inside out.


Christopher McGowan

I’ve been looking to automate my processes recently and, having seen Laura’s posts about “automating the s*** out of your business” I decided I needed to know more. Laura helped me move a previous business onto Xero and she’s always on hand to answer any queries I might have. Im looking forward to automating everything and integrating with my new website for the Edinburgh Tailoring Company. Mostly, I’m looking forward to an easier life with less paperwork and more control on the numbers and figures. Thank you Laura, for all of the help and above so far. I look forward to working with you more in the future.


Ryan McCabe

Laura and co were great at helping us out of a sticky situation. After an issue with someone in our finance department we needed a full Xero audit from a third party. We received a comprehensive report from Laura and a further follow up meeting to go through the findings. Laura then trained our new accountant on the system and it’s been well received by everyone. Great work, and thanks again.


Margery McBain

I am a client of Laura and we have worked together for 2 years. Laura successfully transferred us into Xero and Projects which gave us much more meaningful management information and this year has introduced us to Receipt Bank and Float. All of these apps have worked well because Laura’s understanding of our business helps us to make the most of the app, to integrate them into our systems and processes, and to have relevant information to manage the business, control costs and forecast ahead. Never before has forecasting been so critical. Thank you for all you do to support us and keep us in the right direction. Margery