With over 850 apps available on the Xero app marketplace, it’s easy to find the selection overwhelming. As part of our services, we also recommend certain Xero apps based on a company’s unique needs and objectives. Here are six of our favourite Xero apps.

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank provides an easy way for companies to upload information onto Xero and reduce their paperwork. Snap a photo of your receipts, bills or invoices and upload instantly using a handy mobile app or personalised Receipt Bank email address.

You only then need to review and publish to Xero.

Receipt Bank integrates directly with Xero to produce a comprehensive bookkeeping service. The app also categorises incoming data accordingly and updates your accounts with the latest expenses.

Real-time insights about your outgoings give you a more accurate picture of your cash flow and employees expenses. You can consider whether all outgoings are unnecessary and make adjustments to stay within your budget. 

Digital records of your receipts also make submitting your annual accounts  much easier.


Pleo automatically records expenses and allows you to accurately track employee expenses. You can upload receipts via a handy mobile app or issue smart company cards to record transactions.

Pleo is one of the best expenses app for Xero as it allows you to access account numbers/nominal codes and corresponding VAT. Xero Chart of Accounts can also be linked directly to expenses, making it easy to reconcile items. . 

A digital record of your outgoings then gives you a holistic overview of your spending and real-time insight into all company expenses. It also gives you  control over company expenses and eliminates the need for expense reports. 

Expense tracking made simple.

Float Cash Flow

Understanding your cash is an essential part of effectively managing and operating your business. After all, cash flow is what keeps your company afloat. 

With Float Cash Flow, you can get a real-time overview of your cash flow so that you can make savvy investment and business decisions. You can also use the ‘what if scenario planning’  to plan ahead and make sure you have a backup plan for all eventualities.

As a Xero connected app, Float integrates directly with Xero to give you a visual and comprehensive understanding of your current and future cash flow. Enter your expected cash flow and Float will help you track all actual payments to determine the difference between what you expect to happen and what actually does. So, you always have an understanding of your real cash situation.

Float also allows you to see when you need to follow up on invoices, any cash gaps, and when you’ll have surplus money. Once you have this information in-hand, you can plan ahead so you can grow, scale or cut down as needed. 


WorkFlowMax is a must-have Xero app for busy business builders. As project management software, it helps you regulate projects from beginning to end. You can send quotes, schedule projects, and track employees time. Once the project finishes, send an invoice and record payments directly within the app.

WorkFlowMax integrates directly with Xero. So, you can move your sales invoices to Xero, reconcile payments across both platforms, record accounts payable and much more.

By tracking the overall workflow and financial information, you get a more accurate picture of your operations and drive profitability. Powerful integrated tools, like job management, time tracking, and employee resources, make it easy to identify any inefficiencies and streamline your services.


Vend is perfect for retail companies as it provides you with a cloud-based POS software. 

When you connect Vend to Xero, you’ll get a real-time picture of your overall sales performance and any till discrepancies.. Automate time-consuming tasks like the till end of day and save valuable time and money. 

With Vend, you get in-depth Xero reports into your business’ performance, including real-time profit and losses. We think Vend is one of the best Xero apps as it has everything you need to sell, manage, report, and grow your retail business. 


Futrili helps give you complete control over your business  finances. With Futrili, you can build dashboards with game changing insight,  and plan for the future. 

This Xero app also provides a safe place to test out business financial decisions before putting them into action. So, you can determine whether and when you should invest or scale back.

Futrli connects seamlessly with Xero to make sure information always stays up-to-date — giving you the latest insights into forecasts, KPI dashboards and reports. 

These in-depth financial insights allow you to plan for the future, test out financial scenarios, and identify opportunities for growth and development.

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