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Empowered by Cloud is a fully virtual finance service specialising in the trade and construction industry.

What is outsourcing financial services?

Financial outsourcing or accounting outsourcing simply means that you use a service provider to deal with financial processes and reporting that would traditionally be dealt with by an in-house team – usually a Finance Director and accountants.

Harnessing technology to empower business owners

With the rise of finance apps, the opportunity to outsource financial services is an attractive prospect for any savvy business owner. Companies can better understand their numbers, save money on in-house finance teams and arm their decision-makers with better financial insight in real-time.

At Empowered by Cloud, we use Xero, a cloud-based accounting software platform that can help you automate processes like invoicing and payroll, store financial records, access important data on the move and monitor your cash flow.

What advantages are there to outsourcing financial operations?

By outsourcing your finance function, accounting processes and management accounts to us, there’s potential to improve business performance and create new levels of efficiency across your organisation.

Why choose us for your finance services?

Empowered by Cloud uses cloud-based technologies to automate and integrate your financial operations. Keeping track of your finances and making informed decisions has never been easier, and you have the added benefit of our team of professional accountants when you need them.

You’ll use industry-leading technology and have finance experts on hand without the cost of recruitment, finance staff costs or training.

By combining intelligent technology with our team’s expertise and knowledge, you’ll have the best of both worlds. The automation and clear insights of technology hand in hand with friendly, just as intelligent humans when you need them!

Business decisions made easier

Our clients have discovered many advantages to using our services, including:

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Expertise minus the jargon

We have experience in construction and trade businesses just like yours, meaning we can aid the growth of your business without blinding you with science or using endless accounting jargon.

We pride ourselves on:
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How will outsourcing impact staff?

There are many key benefits to our services, including:

What are the three different types of outsourcing you offer?

At Empowered by Cloud, we can offer you three different services plus the option of training.Here’s a bit more about our range of services, though there is no one-size-fits-all. You can expect a bespoke approach from our team, driven by your company’s specific needs:
Virtual Finance Department

Virtual finance department

Save time and make efficiencies with our Virtual Finance Department. You’ll have access to our accountants’ skills when you need them rather than trying to sustain and train a team in-house.

From the everyday finance operations involved in running a busy business to the ins and outs of your business accounts, we will ensure you stay HMRC compliant and remain agile.


Virtual finance director

We can help you see the bigger picture. Safeguard the growth of your business and reduce risk through our expertise.

Your Virtual Finance Director will get under the skin of your organisation to deliver management reporting and forecasting that aligns with your vision.

Xero set up

Xero set up

If you’ve yet to take the leap, we’ll hold your hand! Whether your finances are currently in another accounting package or even a spreadsheet, we can help you transition to Xero. Accounting outsourcing and simpler, automated business processes could be yours.

Xero training


We can tailor Xero training to the specific needs of your teams and your business. Plus, with expert knowledge of the construction industry, we know the common challenges and have solutions.


What finance functions can be outsourced?

When you choose Empowered by Cloud you will discover that any or all finance functions can be outsourced – from payroll to bookkeeping and accounting. Tax compliance, cost-tracking, reconciling bank transactions- we can help you automate more tasks and understand your business better.

There are no mysteries or hidden data; just clear, accurate reporting and advice to aid accuracy, financial planning and a consistent approach across your organisation.

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