Virtual Finance Director

You can have all the expertise of a Finance Director as and when you need it combined with something very precious indeed – a wider, industry view.

What is a Virtual Finance Director?

A Virtual Finance Director is exactly as it sounds; it’s a finance expert who fulfils the role of a Finance Director without being on your payroll full time. Working virtually (or remotely), a Virtual Finance Director can aid business growth, help you improve your financial performance and plan for the future.

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How can you help my business?

At Empowered by Cloud, our Virtual Finance Directors have experience of steering businesses through change or growth and assessing financial impacts. We can act as a partner in your business to support you when making those all-important financial decisions and improve your profitability.

From business reporting to accounting and tax implications, we can give you a better feel for where your business is at and where it’s going.

What does a Virtual Finance Director do?

A Virtual Finance Director can do everything that a full time Finance Director who works in-house would do, albeit on a part-time and remote basis: no desk space needed!

Our professionals can support your management team by providing a spectrum of services. Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from their financial know how.

We are experts at:

We recognise every business is different, and so, our services are flexible and bespoke. So why not talk to our friendly team to discuss how a Virtual Finance Director could work with your business.

How can a Virtual Finance Director improve my business?

When operating a business, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the everyday. Running a construction business and managing employees and projects is a hugely responsible task.

We recognise that finding time to manage your accounts, costs, VAT, taxes and cash flow can be an ongoing challenge, let alone analysing your finances or forecasting into the future. This is where a highly skilled Virtual Finance Director can be a game-changer.

What are the advantages of a Virtual Finance Director?

It would be all too easy to think you must keep expanding on the skills and numbers of in-house finance professionals to ensure you have all bases covered, but you needn’t. Technology is paving the way for businesses to feel more in control and be way more efficient than was possible in the past.

Our Virtual Finance Director, in combination with a virtual finance department, offers you the perfect solution. The opportunity to access expert advice when you need it and the benefit of an external, unbiased financial view.

Why pay for a Virtual Finance Director?

Having a firm grip on your finances is the key to business success and sustainability. Investing in its future and the expertise you need will pay off in the long term.

We like to think of our Virtual Finance Directors as being like handy sat navs for your business. They will give you an added sense of direction and help you avoid the potholes and pitfalls along the way.

How can a Virtual Finance Director help?

Here are just a few ways our team of financial professionals can help you home in on your goals and impact the performance of your business:

What is the price of a Virtual Finance Director?

At Empowered by Cloud, we support businesses of varying sizes and structures, so there’s no set price for a Virtual Finance Director, only fair and competitive pricing based on your specific needs.

Take a look at our three packages which offer varying levels of support.

We also offer bespoke packages if your needs differ from our Foundation, Elevation or Premium packages.

What is included in the Virtual Finance Director package?

Our Premium virtual finance department package comes with the support of a Virtual Finance Director along with other benefits only available as part of this most comprehensive package, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Virtual Board Meetings
  • Annual Budgeting

See the full list of Premium package inclusions here.

How much experience does a Virtual Finance Director have?

Our Virtual Finance Directors have a wide range of skillsets and valuable experience from companies across the construction industry. Combining knowledge of Xero and other online cloud based technologies with accounting experience and a strategic viewpoint, our finance professionals can help you strike the right balance between managing your business and planning for the future.

Talk to one of our team today to get the ball rolling and access a highly qualified and experienced Finance Director when you need to.

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